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About the Family Science Degree Program

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With a family science degree from the 内布拉斯加大学 at Kearney, students learn how individuals develop and change, 家庭是怎样的, community and society affect human development.

在这个节目中, you'll prepare for a family-focused career and establish an excellent foundation for graduate study in several areas. You'll learn about processes that impact families across the lifespan and develop skills to create safe, positive and healthy interpersonal relationships to foster family flourishing.

As a Family Science major, you'll gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Infant, Child, and Adolescent Development
  • Adult Development and Aging
  • 婚姻与育儿
  • Cross-Cultural Family Influences
  • 家庭动力学
  • Family Resource Management
  • Family and Social Policy

沉浸、学习、服务: Family Science internships connect students to 120 hours of impactful family-focused experience.

National Council on Family Relations
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在线 Family Science Degree Program

As an online Family Science student at bet36365体育, you'll receive a quality and affordable education as well as the same degree as our on-campus students. 请求的信息 了解更多 在线课程

Family Science Program at a Glance



一般的研究 requirement has been reduced to 30 credit hrs allowing more freedom and making it easier to transfer to bet36365体育.


Family Science, Bachelor of Science


Family Science minor available on-campus



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What can you do with a Family Science Degree

Learn more about the types of jobs and common employers that Family Science graduates work for.


  • Workforce 教育 Coordinator
  • Behavioral Health Technician
  • 通信官
  • 警察/书记员
  • 护理管理人员
  • Transitional Youth Advocate


  • 家庭护理
  • 指南针
  • 男儿之城
  • Children's Hospital and Medical Center
  • 内布拉斯加州